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We are proud to say that with our core strengths and prompt support, we have recently tied up with Saraswati Dynamics Pvt. Ltd., India as their authorized representative for the southern part of India, for their Electro Dynamic Vibration shakers.

Saraswati Dynamics Pvt. Ltd., specializes in design & manufacturing of complete range of air & water cooled Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems for emerging needs in the Asian subcontinent. In the era of technical advancement, the company has realized its design and translated into product at par with any equipment of its kind worldwide.

Saraswati Dynamics Pvt. Ltd., products are,


Low Thrust Shakers

Engineering institutions and test laboratories use low thrust shakers for experimenting by injecting frequencies in a wide band.The shaker’s electromagnet is energized by the solid-state field power supply interlocked electronically to the amplifier console and is placed within the console to save space.

The Amplifier’s front panel interface guides the user to operate sequentially. By integrating a controller, the system can be used for research analysis and sample test projects.

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Medium Thrust Shakers

Designed to cater to the generalized testing requirements of various segments of the industry, these shakers are manufactured with a high degree of precision.The shaker’s electromagnet is energized by the solid-state field power supply interlocked electronically to the amplifier console and is placed within the console to save space.

The shaker’s low frequency isolation assembly eliminates the need for bolting it to the ground. The body is mounted on a trunnion assembly and the pneumatic isolation system supports the body on air springs. A unique, pneumatically operated load compensation system employs latest icroelectronics and optical sensors built into the shaker which helps in realizing full displacement of armature.

Exemplary safety interlocks are designed to be logged on to the micro-controller based intelligent logic unit, which is user-friendly in communicating the system status and operation.

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High Thrust Shakers

Water-cooled shakers are specially designed for large-sized test specimens, which are heavy as well as uneven in shape. The hydrostatic bearing guidance of resin bonded fiber reinforced armature coil takes care of cross axis even at high acceleration tests. The combination of the rolling rocker system and composite suspension makes the shaker armature ideal for all types of test. Water cooling system employed for the field and armature inside the shaker is close loop type.

A unique, pneumatically operated load compensation system employs latest microelectronics & optical sensors built into the shaker which helps in realising full displacement of Armature.

Exemplary safety interlocks ensure system safety, which are logged on to the most user-friendly micro controller based intelligent logic unit to communicate the system status and operation.

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Power Amplifiers

DSA series of solid state digitally modulated Power Amplifiers utilize pulse width modulation technique. The modular amplifier converts the mains input to a variable frequency adjustable power of delivery to inductive loads with extremely high (>92%) conversion efficiency to drive the Shaker. Amplifier modules are integral fan cooled and designed for continuous duty to drive corresponding shaker with the help of associated instrumentation.

These amplifiers are compatible to drive electrodynamic shakers of any make worldwide and are designed to provide continuous duty RMS rated voltage and current to any type of load. Power modules of the switching amplifier are constructed using either HEFXET or IGBT assemblies for low conduction losses, high voltage & current capability to enhance the power density.

New generation hi-rating Power Modules inducted into the latest series of DSA amplifiers have an inbuilt PWM management and generation. These modules are stacked in any master/any slave configuration for their parallel operation in the amplifier. Paralleled modules are synchronized through buffered clock and the 3-sigma design ensures peak current capability for continuous random operation.

With further advancement in design, the feature of remotely operating the vibration system from a distance is introduced as remote link operated from a PC.

Major Sub Systems of Switching amplifier

  • Digital Logic Unit
  • HVDC section
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Power Modules


Vibration Controllers

Sdyn vibration controllers are tailored in 4/8/16 channel configuration to bring to the user the most advanced and complete range of vibration testing solutions and are compatible with any make power amplifier and shaker combination worldwide.

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Horizontal Slip Tables

Slip tables can be integrated with a vibration system and are mounted on a combo base. Depending on the choice of the slip table, it can be used for testing of small, medium or large specimens.

It eliminates the necessity for supporting test specimens by complicated fixtures and permits simplified transnational motion for testing the components in both x and y axis. Sdyn continues to develop its established range of Combo base slip tables to meet growing user demands for more rigorous & comprehensive tests as per standards.

Combined base Slip Table is compactly constructed using a precision surfaced flat plate which rests on top of stable granite block. A consistent oil film provides dynamic support at high frequencies while in combination with hydrostatic bearing which control crosstalk and high overturning moments.

It thus provides a unique combination of two proven dynamic test concepts. Driven by drive bar and guided by hydrostatic bearings, the slip table provides increased restraint even for tall and heavy loads with high centre of gravity.

Drive Adaptor

Our standard magnesium drive adaptors attach to the shaker armature brings maximum transmissibility between the shaker and slip plate. Interfacing to the slip plate is accomplished using standard socket head screws which are easily accessible. Orientation is such that it produces compression force across alternating surfaces giving superior dynamic performance.

No special, high cost, expansion pins or other devices are required. The steeped interface between the slip plate and the drive adapter provides the appropriate pre-load for hundred percent energy transmission from the shaker.

Slip tables are categorised into three types with respect to the technology and Application:

  • Low Pressure
  • High Pressure Hydrostatic
  • T-film Hydrostatic

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