Case Studies

With the extensive knowledge gained over years, we have undertaken and completed many challenging repair and upgrade projects successfully whether it may be a small centrifuge or large chambers, thus earning many happier customers. It should be taken into account that we have not entered into any form of formal agreement with the manufacturer of this products for service support in India, yet because of the experience we have and if customer request us to undertake with the belief and confidence they have on us, then we are pleased to fulfil their request and do our level best in making the system up.


Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI-CSIR Labs), Chennai

Department : Dept. of Bio-Technology

Product : “Beckman Coulter” make, Cooling Centrifuge, Model - Avanti J20XP (imported)

Activity Done : We have undertaken the repair service and with a thorough study, did the cooling coil replacement with gas charging and with few adjustments to make the system fully up at a minimal downtime.



Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai

Department : Dept. of Bio-Technology

Product : “Techne” make, Thermal Cycler, Model–FTC3102D (imported)

Activity Done : Major issue with the Power supply section, being an imported model, made the system up and running with full efficiency by replacing with indigenous power supply controller.



Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai
(formerly “Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute”)

Department : Dept. of Bio-Chemistry

Product : “Sanyo” make, Deep Freezer (-80˚C)

Activity Done : We had a thorough study, being a very aged freezer, didn’t have all the necessary replacement spares available, hence replaced the necessary parts with the indigenous latest parts and made the freezer up & running till -20˚C, with full customer satisfaction.


Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli

Product : “Plasto Crafts Industries P Ltd” make, Centrifuge system.

Activity Done : Customer had difficulty on the timer operation, helped them by replacing with indigenous, more precise and comfortable Digital Timer and made the system fully up with fine adjustments.




Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Chennai

Product : “Shel Lab” make, CO2 Incubator.

Activity Done : We had taken the machine for repair, by analyzing on all aspects, rectified the machine fully and made the machine up with minimal down time.




Coca-Cola, Chennai

Product : “WTW, UK” make, BOD Incubator (Imported).

Activity Done : This Incubator had a major problem with the controller beyond repairable condition, being an imported model and to make the system up with minimal expense as requested by customer and with no degradation on efficiency, with a full analysis, replaced the controller with fully indigenous Digital Controller and made the system up with better efficiency with minimal expense.



Kyungshin Industrial Motherson Limited, Chennai

Product : “Cryo Scientific Systems Pvt. Ltd” make, Climatic Chamber.

Activity Done : This climatic chamber had a manufacturer operating specification range of 150˚C to -30˚C. There was a demand for customer’s application for 150˚C to -55˚C, as to avoid hefty CAPEX for new machine just for that extended range, customer requested us to do something on this. Being an expertise technical team, we had studied the system configuration fully and came up with a solution and even upgraded the system for full operation of the range 150˚C to -55˚C, within a short period.



Product : “TE Connectivity Ltd” make, Test Bench to check air leak of Heat Shrink Sleeves.

Activity Done : This Test Bench had a manufacturer operating specification pressure range of upto 1 bar. Customer got an application to test the sleeves of upto 5 bar as his client demands the specific test criteria, customer researched for new systems for that test range but ended in vain. Then after a thorough analysis we had come up with a solution and we have upgraded the same existing test bench to test upto a pressure level of 5 bar in fully operating condition.


Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University – TANUVAS, Chennai

Department : Dept. of Bio-Chemistry

Product : “Thermo Fisher Scientific” make, Deep Freezer (Imported).

Activity Done : Customer had issues with two of these Deep Freezers of range upto -80˚C, being an aged model and couldn’t get the required spares, customer had a dilemma to scrap the same to purchase a new system. We have undertaken the repair, replaced the faulty parts with indigenous parts and made the freezers up and running at full efficiency of upto -70˚C.

MMG India Private Limited, Chennai

Department : QC

Product : “Tenney” make, Hot & Cold Chamber (Imported).

Activity Done : Chamber of range 120˚C to -40˚C was totally down and in scrap condition, being an aged and imported model, customer couldn’t get the necessary spares. After a thorough study, replaced the faulty parts with fully indigenous parts and made the system up and running with full efficiency.

Few of the Large Chambers we have worked with,


Lucas-TVS, Chennai
“Zanotti S.p.A, Italy”,
Uniblock Cold Room (-40˚C)
(Under Annual Maintenance Contract)




Delphi TVS, Chennai (Under Priority Service Support)